The difference we want to make in business and the world at large

Corporate Dojo

Corporate Dojo seeks to inspire business leaders globally to step up and take responsibility for fostering the talent and spirit of their people, knowing that this produces the best possible outcomes for their organisation and society at large. 

Corporate Dojo is the next incarnation of Ryan Gately, an established human performance consultancy founded in 2006. We offer a range of advisory, organisational, leadership and team development services drawing on the dojo tradition as well as Karen’s 20 years’ working as a people expert with some of the world’s largest companies including HP, Toyota and Vangard Investments. 

For leaders looking to improve their skills in their own time, we have created Daily Dojo, which provides subscription access to the Dojo’s philosophies and learning materials. Slated to be launched in late 2018, Daily Dojo comprises video tutorials, workbooks, webinars, vlogs, podcasts, thought leadership articles, reading lists and resources.

Our values

Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. They help us to create the future we want to experience.

Bold and brave

Be bold, think big and creatively. Don’t be afraid of challenging the norm.


Hard work, determination and tenacity drive our results.


Strong connections built on mutual trust and respect.


Being true to ourselves and doing the right thing to others.


Taking a practical and ‘down to earth’ approach.

We teach people the link between their thoughts, feelings and their energy levels.  We then teach them the impact energy has on the way they choose to in turn think, feel and behave. How we behave determines the extent to which we effectively apply our talents to the task at hand and succeed.

—Karen Gately, Founder, Corporate Dojo

Our people

Our consultants

‘Corporate Dojo was retained to undertake a complete HR audit and make strategic recommendations to de-risk the company and enable its growth trajectory. They provided deep insights into the strategic imperatives but also a sense of the practical and what was achievable in order to maintain and enhance profit levels while attracting, growing and retaining key personnel.’

—Tony McDonald, Director, T&C Consulting