Strategic advice for senior HR and business leaders looking to:

  • Acquire and merge businesses
  • Achieve ambitious objectives
  • Address complex challenges
  • Optimize governance standards
  • Lift leadership, HR and organisation performance

Due Diligence

Objective insight to:

  • Strength of leadership, talent, engagement and culture
  • Maturity of HR infrastructure and governance
  • People related risk and integration priorities

Leadership and HR Maturity Assessment

Objective insight to:

  • Strength of HR team talent, business engagement and effectiveness
  • Leadership capability, behaviour and engagement
  • Effectiveness of people management strategy and practice
  • Maturity of HR strategy, infrastructure and governance

M&A Planning and Execution

Objective insight to:

  • People leadership and HR maturity assessment
  • Opportunities and challenges relating to effective integration 

HR Governance and Executive Leadership

Karen can be engaged to work as:

  • Executive and board committee member
  • HR governance committee chair

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